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Republicans in Congress just love to control our lives. They say they want “Government” off our backs, but that only applies to things they care about. They have now voted to overturn the legalization of Marijuana in Washington, DC. Here is their reasoning…

“Simply put, we believe that Congress must defend the federal government and the U.S. Constitution by preventing marijuana legalization from moving forward in the District.” — Andy Harris, Joe Pitts.

So… they see marijuana as a danger to the “federal government” and the Constitution. Really? Are there Commies in every ounce? Did I miss the Article in the Constitution that mentions drugs?

They claim to be supported by “science”… I thought they hated science – think Global Warming. But when science is convenient, I guess they can get along with it just fine. (Except they are wrong about the science) They also throw around some decidedly unscientific arguments about increased use and so forth.

But they say it would be a… “…recipe for legal chaos.” Seriously? How could it be worse than the “War on Drugs“?

They are spewing the same old crap we have been hearing for… ever.

Either they believe in individual rights, and less government interference in our lives, or they don’t. They don’t. It’s all just part of their lies while attempting to make sure we live a good Christian lifestyle – as defined by them.

At least, as with Gay Marriage, they are clearly on the losing side of the argument. The country is changing, and republicans are still stuck in the 19th century. They are unable to read the writing on the wall.

But then… that is what conservatives are all about.


Of course not!

No one thing is going to solve any major problem in our society. Whether its gun violence, or questionable police tactics, it will take a lot more than one thing.

So I wish we would stop seeing this kind of article. As soon as someone suggests something that would help, those opposed will start clamoring about how that will not solve the problem – think NRA. They love this approach.

Complex problems do not have simple solutions.

The point of these questioning articles, is to create questions and doubts in people’s mind before the suggestion even has a chance. The NRA uses this approach to help Congress members find any excused to say no. It works.

I try to not even read any article starting with:

“Will this solve that problem?”

“What’s wrong with…”

“7 things they don’t tell you about…”

You know the ones.

If a suggested solution might help, it is worth an honest try. Sadly, there will be many who do not want an honest try.


United States Constitution

Fifth Amendment

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury except in cases arising in the land or naval forces…”

It goes on to include our rights against self-incrimination. So this opening seems to be important. We did they Founding Brothers start the amendment with this? Before even the section on the right to not self-incriminate.

So what does it mean? What is an “infamous crime”?

Basically, it means treason, or a felony… as used in the Constitution.

This was added to the Constitution to prevent prosecutors and police (sheriffs and marshals at the time), from railroading anyone into a trial and possible conviction. The job of the Grand Jury is to make sure the indictment if legitimate. They are supposed to be an independent observer.

Currently, Grand Juries are just the rubber stamping “authority” for the prosecutor. Out of 162,000 cases brought to Grand Juries, only 11 came out with no indictment… for civilians. For Police Officers, there was only 1 indictment out of 81 cases over the same time period.

Rubber stamp.


Honestly, I cannot find the number of years this was. I think 5.


Tugce Albayrak is a hero.  She will never get a monument, and few will remember her actions.  But at least 2 people will forever remember her.

Tugce Albayrak died on her 23rd birthday, November 15, 2014, in Giessen, Germany.

One Saturday night she came to the defense of 2 teenage girls at a German McDonald’s, and was later attacked by one of the men who had been harassing the girls.  She helped 2 people she did not know, because men were harassing them… as men do.  It was 4 o’clock in the morning.

Tugce Albayrak came out of the restaurant later, after finished her meal with her friends, one of the men was waiting. He hit her and knocked her to the ground.  She never regained consciousness.

A hero.

Tugce Albayrak did what most people would not.  She intervened to try to help someone.  Men who saw the girls as targets… people to take advantage of… people of lower status… women.  It started with the same old cat-calls that are so unreasonably common.

Cat-calling is a man’s right… correct?  NOT! It may seem as if it is a small thing… why can’t women see it as the compliment it is?  BECAUSE it is NOT a compliment. It is a way of maintaining control, and displaying superiority – ‘I can say anything to you, because you are only a woman…’ or worse, a girl.

Tugce Albayrak died fighting misogyny.  That may not have been her goal. She was just trying to help some people she did not know.

Tugce Albayrak was in college to become a teacher. It will never be…


jaywalktkt1aI have had reason to think about it recently, and where I used to live, I am positive that on several occasions over 8 years, I was walking along in the street, while a police car passed. I was never asked to get on the sidewalk. And there are sidewalks there.

What gives?

Is this some kind of Eastern thing? Cuz I grew up in Seattle… you know… the people who wait for the Walk sign… at 4am… with no cars moving anywhere in sight. So I would think the police there would be pretty much on top of the street walking hazard. And I lived there over 30 years, and the police never asked me to get out of the road.


Were the police I saw, chuckling to themselves, knowing the extreme danger I was in? Maybe the cops have had it in for me all my life, and I have just been lucky.

That must be it!!

P.S.  It’s nice to see the officer in the photo above is right on top of the barefoot walking problem.


When I started watching the Rams game Sunday, I was surprised to see 5 Rams players come out onto the field with their hands up – Hands Up! Don’t shoot!

I thought it was great!

There were boos from the audience… not a big surprise. Today (Monday) the Police union in St. Louis has complained and demanded an apology. For what? Using your American Right to speak up and be heard? The Police may not like it, but it is part of America.

I have never had a problem with the Police… even when they have stopped me to question me. I have always found them to be polite, and businesslike. Also they have been very helpful in times of need. But I am a middle class white man.

This issue is not so much about the Police… Michael Brown is a symptom of much deeper societal problems. It just happens that when things go wrong with the police, they can go very well. But minorities in America put up with the same kind of behavior everywhere…

The biggest part of the problem is that much of White America does not see the constant racism. To them, if there are laws protecting minorities, and no more hangin’s… then everything must be ok.

People do not know how to recognize their or prejudices. And they don’t like having them pointed out!

I suffer from depression. I am used to the fact that people don’t understand it… unless you suffer depression, you can’t understand it. I do try to explain it in my other Blog. I am not Black. I can never know what their lives are like. But I can try to understand.

So, White people… try to understand. You can’t learn this from your own experiences. You must learn it from Black people… Hispanics… Asians… Native American… the list goes on. They can and will tell you if you will listen, and if you decide to believe.

Find the truth, and believe.


It’s a repetitious redundancy.  

What other kind of “history” is there?  Seriously… look it up.  Anywhere!  Even that weird electronic place where people look for stuff… the Interiorfish?True_Size_Of_Africa

In one of my high school English classes we looked for “repetitious redundancies”.  You know — dead corpse.   Ever since, I can NOT miss them.  Thanks Ms Fahrnam!

Actually, I love it!  But it also leads to hearing things that aggravate.  Is there no-one producing TV that knows English?  And let’s not beat up on the sports shows!  It’s everywhere!!  It’s unwatchable sometimes, how bad the English is.

Let me go back to my original topic.

“Past History” is rather older than most.  My father complained about it in the 70’s!  We are speaking the language of Shakespeare.  Let’s pay a little attention to how we say it.


There are a lot of people out there who believe they are not racist, but are. They think they are just being realistic. You aren’t a bigot if your beliefs and observations are just facts.

‘I don’t hate blacks, but look at how they live’

Since they are “not” prejudiced, and their friends are not, and that’s the way America is… then blacks simply aren’t trying to improve their lives. Otherwise they would be doing as well and everyone else. They see this as fact… not racism.

Fox “news” reinforces their beliefs. Anything to the contrary is clearly fraud. There must be massive fraud, which has resulted in the “Government” being so Liberal and unAmerican. That’s the way they see the world. They are not prejudice, it’s the “other guy” causing the problem. “These people” are what they appear to be – to the radical right anyway.

Their beliefs are self-supporting. Their beliefs make them see everything as further proof they are correct. They have neatly constructed a world where literally nothing can conflict with what they believe. All conflict is external. Their minds do not ever engage in conflict resolution, because it’s someone else’s fault… someone else needs to see their beliefs as correct.

They not only have their own Beliefs, the have their own Facts.

How can you fight that? We need to find them when they are still young. But their parents can teach them whatever they want. So it will take time.


This seems to me to be a central part of our racial problems.

The problem is that so many Americans believe there IS a level playing field. That leads them to make some very erroneous conclusions. They think people who do not move up the economic ladder must not be trying. Blacks who live in poverty must be lazy, or criminals, or… whatever. God rewards those who work hard to succeed.

They actually believe we all have the same opportunities.

This not only satisfies their racism, to feeds it. To them, the riots in Ferguson are more proof that blacks are their causing their own problems. The see every instance of minorities standing up for themselves, as more evidence that they are right. These “people” are just trying to get the Government to take care of all their wants and needs. They are the 47%.

And don’t think you can ever change their minds. These are people who are so consumed by their own beliefs that they cannot see anything else. Their self-righteousness gives them all the evidence they need. And they will not learn. There is not point trying to convince them how wrong they are.

Unfortunately, society will just have to wait for them to gradually fade away.

The “level playing field” does not exist in America… probably not anywhere. Angry white men are afraid of losing their status – they run the country. They see it quite literally as their God given right. They obey God’s laws (in their own minds) so they never doubt they earned their status.

So the fight is left to those who can see, and learn. We have to keep up the pressure – both socially and legally. It will probably be going on after I am gone… but I do hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The only way a prosecutor could go into a Grand Jury, and NOT get an indictment, is if s/he didn’t want one.

Bob did everything he could to prevent it.  He did not even recommend charges to the Grand Jury!!  That tells them he does not think there should be any charges.

Then he runs the show.  And what a show it must have been.  He picked the witnesses, and when they would testify.  He asked the questions.  He presented each witness in the light he wanted them seen in.  He could make anyone look good, or bad at his discretion.

All you have to do is look at his life to see his motivation.  I am sure he believes his intentions are right as rain, but as a Public official, his person life clearly puts a bright light on his actions.  He should have had the integrity to step aside for a special prosecutor.

He is one of those unfortunate “level playing field” believers.  Sad…


Wednesday’s Cat is Back!



The name says it all.

Today the Grand Jury announced it would not file chargesMichael Brown Sr, center, listens alongside the Rev Al Sharpton, right, and Brown family attorney Anthony Gray. from the killing of Michael Brown.  Big surprise.

We will never know what would have happened with a prosecutor who investigated, and presented fairly.  Bob McCulloch has 5 relatives who are or were cops.  His father was killed on the job by a black man.  He has never prosecuted a police officer.  And he was sure not going to start now.

The jurors heard only what he wanted.

Was it murder?  I do not know… but a court should have decided.  This prosecutor decided long ago what he thought.

I will not address the conservative views on this now… they come as no surprise.  Maybe later…


The University of Virginia has suspended ALL fraternities after an article in Rolling Stone.  The article is about a gang rape at one frat house.

College is a time when many boys first become free enough to fully act on their own.  And they have been taught about the superior-male society we live it.  It’s everywhere!  And boys learn from all they see.  They learn that taking what they want is expected of them.

And they are free to do it…

Some men see women as subordinate… women just need to know their place.  `If she would just do what I asked her to…’  They say things like that because that is how they were raised in our society.

It is as simple a “Actress” vs. “Actor”… or as complex as women usually being the victims in movies, and on TV.  By the time boys are in their late teens, they have learned all they need to know, and are ready to put it into practice.

Look around.  Women who speak out about inequalities, are brutalized thru social media.  Some to the point of having to hide.  This is how strong the misogyny is in portions of our male society.

Campus rape is only the latest in a long string of similar events.  It will take effort, strength, and bravery to stand up to the haters… they hold the power.


The Army Corp of Engineers has approved a coal export project in Oregon… at the Port of Morrow. The goal of the project is to export coal to China.


Now it turns out, the Portland Army Corp. recommended a full environmental review of the project, and the head office in D.C. secretly said no.  There is a lot of opposition to coal exporting in Oregon, and for many reasons.

The real reason for wanting to export is money.  China will buy large amounts of coal, and we have a lot to sell.  Jobs and profits – mostly profits.

That’s about it.

The coal comes thru the Columbia Gorge.  There it leaves behind a hundred clip_image002miles of coal dust.  All along the tracks, it washes into the Columbia River.  They don’t cover the trains well at all, and of course no-one ever comes along to clean it up – that would eat into profits.  Let the taxpayers pay for it.

The port itself will create more pollution problems, as yet unknown — as there has been no Environment Impact Statement. Fishing is a major industry, and tradition in Washington and Oregon, and the proposed port would be next to sensitive salmon habitat.

Then the coal is going to be burned in China, adding even more carbon dioxide into the World’s Atmosphere. And it ends up coming back our way… arriving here before it finds it’s way to Wyoming.

Many jobs will be created in Wyoming and Montana, and greater profits for the wealthy, but not much for Oregon. There will of course be the taxpayer financed clean-ups for the coal dust etc. But that’s what taxes are for… right?  Cleaning up after the super-rich. It’s an American tradition since…

Haven’t we realized yet that there is no such thing as clean coal… it is all terrible for the Earth. We may be using less here, but selling it to use elsewhere is just absurd!

We must get beyond the profits side of the discussion, and start thinking about what is best for the Earth, because that is what will be best for us too.


Brought to you by… the tea party(missing capitals are intentional)

Andrew Carnegie

These are people who are proposing changes, that would take our economy back to the 19th Century, and the days of the Robber Barons.  In their form of “capitalism”, they rich wield more power because they are more deserving.  They must be worthy… God loves them more and made them rich…

Lower taxes on the rich, and make the poor pay more – the “47%”.

And if you read what they say, you can see they want to go back in many other ways.  Especially socially.  They have lost the Gay-Marriage wars, and are hopping mad!

Senator cruz will try to take control of the Senate.  He will try to force Republicans to pass a spending bill that includes some rollback to something that will force President Obama to veto it.  Then they can try to close down the Government.  They hate the government – even though WE are the government.

The Radical Right that supports people like cruz, want nothing more than to roll back the social advances of the last… at least half century.  Their goals would diminish the Middle Class, and force lower income Americans to live on even less while greatly increasing their numbers.

There is no way they would ever admit this.  They talk a good line, but LIE about what it would all mean to the Country,  Their major constituency are white Christian men who are angry because their stranglehold on Congress may be someday threatened.

History is full of episodes where the majority have oppressed minorities in order to maintain their own power and control. But the US Constitution stands in their way.  It was written to protect the rights of minorities against the power of the majority.

And to help build a bigger majority, they cheat the system.  They know they would not survive true representation of all Americans.  So they work to take away influence of those whom they hate.  The perfect example, are the texas Congressional Districts – does the term Gerrymander ring a bell?  And their efforts to reduce minority voting.

They believe their absolute rightness allows them to do anything to achieve their goals.  They clearly do not thing some US Citizens should be allowed to vote.

They what the whole country to be like texas.


Misogyny… it is a deeply ingrained part of much of the male culture throughout the world.  (If you can call that “culture”)  And it must be fought.

It will be a topic I come back to from time to time, because it must be kept in the light.  It is so pervasive, that I have to look at myself often, to try to make sure I have been drawn to the Dark Side.

I will scan the news, for Blog topics.

Except of course for Fox “News”.



This senator has made the biggest fatal mistake in science.  He created a theory – global climate change is a hoax  – then he went looking for evidence to support this theory.  Since he found the “evidence” he wanted, he then could dismiss anything that disagreed, and thusly had to be wrong.  All 97% of scientists could be ignored.  It’s a conspiracy.

Right.  Anyway, their belief is that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, are conspiring to fake climate change.  Right.  People working for many different Governments, Universities, Private companies, and also Private Citizens, all  around the world, are working together in harmony?

There is no way such a conspiracy could go on for at least 30 years, and no-one is every shown to be conspiring about anything.  These guys make the Mob look like rank amateur… just kids.

So give me a break!  We studied the affect on climate from our increasing the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in a 1984 class it took in college..  The evidence was already there.  But REAL scientist take time, and a lot more evidence to be convinced.  That’s why the almost total consensus took so long to build.

If inhofe – and many others – think there is any validity to there conclusions, then they are horribly ignorant, or they are stupid, or they are doing it for personal gain, or… ??

The worst thing about people like him is that the very thing he is so inept at, is what prevents him from ever being able to see he is wrong, and as to admitting it… well…

Just the kind of person you want in Congress… in the Senate… as the committee chairman of the very committee that oversees these issues.  Talk about a Siberian Tiger in the Sloth house! 

(thus the photo)


Sure… a lot of people will build the thing, but it creates only 50 long term jobs.  So if it will be so good as saving money, then where is all that money going?  Mr. John Rockefeller would be proud.XL is dashed red line, the rest already exists

The US is currently creating that many jobs every 15 minutes.

I am not seeing how that gain balances the environmental costs.  The costs start with the horrible damage done by just getting the oil out of the ground.  The pipeline itself will create more damage.   Good thing it creates 50 jobs.

If we want to put that many construction workers to work, let’s start repairing our crumbling infrastructure.  We would employ at least 10 times that many workers, and it would benefit everyone, not just texas billionaires.

This new class of Robber-Barons is making much of its money by oppressing the middle and low economic classes.  Just look at texas.  They brag bout “creating” so many jobs.  But they are greatly under paid jobs, without the kinds of benefits EVERY worker deserves.

I am NOT anti-wealthy.  There are many billionaires who are giving back to America everyday.  Even Andrew Carnegie spent most of his wealth building libraries and other public buildings all over America.  The old Seattle Carnegie Library downtown was fabulous!

Some only use their wealth to create more wealth.


There is nothing new about a President acting unilaterally on immigration, and granting amnesty.  Both Presidents Reagan, and George H. W. Bush did it.  And now it is time for a Democrat to do it.Ronald Reagan: FILE - In this Oct. 19, 1983 file photo, President Ronald Reagan speaks during a news conference at the White House in Washington. President Barack Obama's impending unilateral order awarding legal status to millions of immigrants is not unprecedented. Two of the last three Republican presidents _ Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush _ did the same thing in extending amnesty to family members not covered by the last major overhaul of immigration law in 1986. There was no political explosion then comparable to the one Republicans are threatening now.

There are millions of undocumented Americans who have been working to support their families, and by doing so, have contributed to the US economy.  They mostly fill low end, underpaid jobs, and spend all they make, sending that money thru our economic system, and increasing growth.

I do believe, their amnesty should give them the time, and path towards citizenship.  They then will be contributing even MORE to our economy.  Also, being legally documented, the jobs they get will not undercut other Americans who want the same jobs.

Maintaining an oppressed minority may seem like being “lawful”… but in the end, it is nothing more than common prejudice with a big splash of ignorance.  We all came here from somewhere else.  Oppressing the newest arrivals in our country is a time honored tradition, but it should have not place in a modern society.

President Obama – It is time to step up, and do what you should have done months ago.  I think you delayed to try to help some Democrats in the elections.  Didn’t work.  So get going!!!

When the President does move, there will be Republicans who will cry Foul… even though their hero, Ronald Reagan did it too.  And Cruz will be one of the first…


Republicans put climate science back on trial?

This man from Oklahoma consistently Lies about Climate change.  In July he said, “In fact, for the past 15 years, temperatures have not increased.”  Now since this is patently wrong, as anyone who can read can be aware of, either he is aware of it, or he is simply not trying to look at the consensus.  Either make him unqualified to be a member of the county commission, let alone Congress.

Yes… Congress should hear from skeptics.  But for every skeptic he will parade thru the Senate, there should be at least 30 real scientists.  The “skeptics” are just deniers, and seek the publicity of being able to spew there lies before Congress.  A “lie” is something that is knowingly wrong.  If they are real scientists – NOT just degree holders – then they must accept that there is a high probably they are wrong.  So they are lying, or publicity and money seekers.  Nothing more.

As a true scientist, I try to ALWAYS be skeptical, and am willing to look at all the evidence.  The problem for deniers, if that they have none.  They have some cherry-picked data they have dug up.  But even that usually turns out to be a misinterpretation of the data.

Se. Inhofe has proved himself to be incapable of dealing with any real science.  This year, many Republicans have said, `I am not a scientist’.  So maybe they should start listening to scientist, and look at the consensus.


The idea that English is ever going to fade away because we have many peoples who speak many languages is just absurd.  English is not going to become any less popular.  And I see no point in people being required to learn English to stay here…

I live in the only majority, minority city in Oregon.  Most of our population are Hispanic, or Russian.  I find it interesting that ambulances have the “Ambulance” in English, Spanish, And Cyrillic.  Stores have signs in all 3.  It’s really cool!

And that makes me feel very much at home.  These people came her because they wanted to be in the US – why did you come to the US?  Born here?  You had it easy.  Let’s just welcome them, and be glad they are here.

I honestly feel bad that I do not know enough Spanish to get by.  I knew where I was moving.  It was never even a consideration.  I like the diversity – it is a celebration of being human.


I think I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer.  Though I feel bad about it being in Russia.  Autocratic nations should not hold the Olympics. 

Of course, I think there should be a permanent site for the Olympics.  Not all events would have to be in the same place… just at the same time.  All of the skating events could be almost anywhere – they are all indoor.

$51 Billion is too much to spend – it does appear as though most of that money went into Putin’s friend’s pockets.  No-one will ever figure out where most of it went…

Russian is a failed democracy.

Putin is a dictator no matter what elections have occurred.  The human rights situation there is a disgrace.  If we want to impose sanctions on countries… here would be a good place to start.


I have one of those fancy Logitech myHarmony remotes.  Sometimes it just does not work.  By that, I mean it does not broadcast a signal – I have a detector, so I know.  It only lasts a few minutes, and only seems to happen a couple of times a day (most days).

In September, I contacted Logitech.  They had me try all sorts of things to test it.  Each time it took about 2 weeks because communication was so slow.  Finally, they sent my a new one.

Same problem.  And they started me thru the same list of things to try.  Eventually, they wanted me to create a new account, and reprogram everything that I already had.  Sure…

That is when I said to forget it.  There is a flaw somewhere, and they don’t seem at all interested in finding it.  They sent me a nice email saying they were glad the case was resolved, and it would be closed.


I think for me: Once I am spending way more time trying things, than tech support is in looking into it, then it’s time to walk away. Don’t let the Bastards grind you down. vjs

It still does the same thing.


Vaccination is good.  It increases the strength of our immune system.  PERIOD.  This has been proved over and over for more than a hundred years.

One Faked study done in England started the bandwagon.  Even though the study has been totally discredited, people still believe it.  Other researchers tracked down many of the “participants” in that “study”, and found they did not have autism at all.  The study was fake.

The number of whooping cough cases has risen to more than 30 times as many, since just 1981.  <— awkward grammar.  This is because so many people have bought into the lie, and are not getting their children vaccinated.

Our nation is very ignorant about science.  Parents tell their kids it does not matter – just like math.  “I took algebra in school and have never used it.”  Right.  How do you think your brain determines if you have time to make that yellow light???  Math.

Get over it!

2 Blogs in a row with the same color!!!  Crap!!!


I saw the Coke commercial where they sing “America” in many different languages – I thought is was absolutely beautiful.  It made me proud to BE American!

This morning I was shocked to hear on CNN about the vitriol coming out against it.  There were death treats… and horribly bigoted comments all over the Internet.  That kind of Hatred has no place in America.

The people who went OFF on this commercial should leave our country as soon as possible.  They are the WORST element of our beautiful country, and I have very little tolerance for such horrid thoughts.

CNN Article.


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