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The Army Corp of Engineers has approved a coal export project in Oregon… at the Port of Morrow. The goal of the project is to export coal to China.


Now it turns out, the Portland Army Corp. recommended a full environmental review of the project, and the head office in D.C. secretly said no.  There is a lot of opposition to coal exporting in Oregon, and for many reasons.

The real reason for wanting to export is money.  China will buy large amounts of coal, and we have a lot to sell.  Jobs and profits – mostly profits.

That’s about it.

The coal comes thru the Columbia Gorge.  There it leaves behind a hundred clip_image002miles of coal dust.  All along the tracks, it washes into the Columbia River.  They don’t cover the trains well at all, and of course no-one ever comes along to clean it up – that would eat into profits.  Let the taxpayers pay for it.

The port itself will create more pollution problems, as yet unknown — as there has been no Environment Impact Statement. Fishing is a major industry, and tradition in Washington and Oregon, and the proposed port would be next to sensitive salmon habitat.

Then the coal is going to be burned in China, adding even more carbon dioxide into the World’s Atmosphere. And it ends up coming back our way… arriving here before it finds it’s way to Wyoming.

Many jobs will be created in Wyoming and Montana, and greater profits for the wealthy, but not much for Oregon. There will of course be the taxpayer financed clean-ups for the coal dust etc. But that’s what taxes are for… right?  Cleaning up after the super-rich. It’s an American tradition since…

Haven’t we realized yet that there is no such thing as clean coal… it is all terrible for the Earth. We may be using less here, but selling it to use elsewhere is just absurd!

We must get beyond the profits side of the discussion, and start thinking about what is best for the Earth, because that is what will be best for us too.


Brought to you by… the tea party(missing capitals are intentional)

Andrew Carnegie

These are people who are proposing changes, that would take our economy back to the 19th Century, and the days of the Robber Barons.  In their form of “capitalism”, they rich wield more power because they are more deserving.  They must be worthy… God loves them more and made them rich…

Lower taxes on the rich, and make the poor pay more – the “47%”.

And if you read what they say, you can see they want to go back in many other ways.  Especially socially.  They have lost the Gay-Marriage wars, and are hopping mad!

Senator cruz will try to take control of the Senate.  He will try to force Republicans to pass a spending bill that includes some rollback to something that will force President Obama to veto it.  Then they can try to close down the Government.  They hate the government – even though WE are the government.

The Radical Right that supports people like cruz, want nothing more than to roll back the social advances of the last… at least half century.  Their goals would diminish the Middle Class, and force lower income Americans to live on even less while greatly increasing their numbers.

There is no way they would ever admit this.  They talk a good line, but LIE about what it would all mean to the Country,  Their major constituency are white Christian men who are angry because their stranglehold on Congress may be someday threatened.

History is full of episodes where the majority have oppressed minorities in order to maintain their own power and control. But the US Constitution stands in their way.  It was written to protect the rights of minorities against the power of the majority.

And to help build a bigger majority, they cheat the system.  They know they would not survive true representation of all Americans.  So they work to take away influence of those whom they hate.  The perfect example, are the texas Congressional Districts – does the term Gerrymander ring a bell?  And their efforts to reduce minority voting.

They believe their absolute rightness allows them to do anything to achieve their goals.  They clearly do not thing some US Citizens should be allowed to vote.

They what the whole country to be like texas.


Misogyny… it is a deeply ingrained part of much of the male culture throughout the world.  (If you can call that “culture”)  And it must be fought.

It will be a topic I come back to from time to time, because it must be kept in the light.  It is so pervasive, that I have to look at myself often, to try to make sure I have been drawn to the Dark Side.

I will scan the news, for Blog topics.

Except of course for Fox “News”.



This senator has made the biggest fatal mistake in science.  He created a theory – global climate change is a hoax  – then he went looking for evidence to support this theory.  Since he found the “evidence” he wanted, he then could dismiss anything that disagreed, and thusly had to be wrong.  All 97% of scientists could be ignored.  It’s a conspiracy.

Right.  Anyway, their belief is that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, are conspiring to fake climate change.  Right.  People working for many different Governments, Universities, Private companies, and also Private Citizens, all  around the world, are working together in harmony?

There is no way such a conspiracy could go on for at least 30 years, and no-one is every shown to be conspiring about anything.  These guys make the Mob look like rank amateur… just kids.

So give me a break!  We studied the affect on climate from our increasing the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in a 1984 class it took in college..  The evidence was already there.  But REAL scientist take time, and a lot more evidence to be convinced.  That’s why the almost total consensus took so long to build.

If inhofe – and many others – think there is any validity to there conclusions, then they are horribly ignorant, or they are stupid, or they are doing it for personal gain, or… ??

The worst thing about people like him is that the very thing he is so inept at, is what prevents him from ever being able to see he is wrong, and as to admitting it… well…

Just the kind of person you want in Congress… in the Senate… as the committee chairman of the very committee that oversees these issues.  Talk about a Siberian Tiger in the Sloth house! 

(thus the photo)


Sure… a lot of people will build the thing, but it creates only 50 long term jobs.  So if it will be so good as saving money, then where is all that money going?  Mr. John Rockefeller would be proud.XL is dashed red line, the rest already exists

The US is currently creating that many jobs every 15 minutes.

I am not seeing how that gain balances the environmental costs.  The costs start with the horrible damage done by just getting the oil out of the ground.  The pipeline itself will create more damage.   Good thing it creates 50 jobs.

If we want to put that many construction workers to work, let’s start repairing our crumbling infrastructure.  We would employ at least 10 times that many workers, and it would benefit everyone, not just texas billionaires.

This new class of Robber-Barons is making much of its money by oppressing the middle and low economic classes.  Just look at texas.  They brag bout “creating” so many jobs.  But they are greatly under paid jobs, without the kinds of benefits EVERY worker deserves.

I am NOT anti-wealthy.  There are many billionaires who are giving back to America everyday.  Even Andrew Carnegie spent most of his wealth building libraries and other public buildings all over America.  The old Seattle Carnegie Library downtown was fabulous!

Some only use their wealth to create more wealth.


There is nothing new about a President acting unilaterally on immigration, and granting amnesty.  Both Presidents Reagan, and George H. W. Bush did it.  And now it is time for a Democrat to do it.Ronald Reagan: FILE - In this Oct. 19, 1983 file photo, President Ronald Reagan speaks during a news conference at the White House in Washington. President Barack Obama's impending unilateral order awarding legal status to millions of immigrants is not unprecedented. Two of the last three Republican presidents _ Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush _ did the same thing in extending amnesty to family members not covered by the last major overhaul of immigration law in 1986. There was no political explosion then comparable to the one Republicans are threatening now.

There are millions of undocumented Americans who have been working to support their families, and by doing so, have contributed to the US economy.  They mostly fill low end, underpaid jobs, and spend all they make, sending that money thru our economic system, and increasing growth.

I do believe, their amnesty should give them the time, and path towards citizenship.  They then will be contributing even MORE to our economy.  Also, being legally documented, the jobs they get will not undercut other Americans who want the same jobs.

Maintaining an oppressed minority may seem like being “lawful”… but in the end, it is nothing more than common prejudice with a big splash of ignorance.  We all came here from somewhere else.  Oppressing the newest arrivals in our country is a time honored tradition, but it should have not place in a modern society.

President Obama – It is time to step up, and do what you should have done months ago.  I think you delayed to try to help some Democrats in the elections.  Didn’t work.  So get going!!!

When the President does move, there will be Republicans who will cry Foul… even though their hero, Ronald Reagan did it too.  And Cruz will be one of the first…


Republicans put climate science back on trial?

This man from Oklahoma consistently Lies about Climate change.  In July he said, “In fact, for the past 15 years, temperatures have not increased.”  Now since this is patently wrong, as anyone who can read can be aware of, either he is aware of it, or he is simply not trying to look at the consensus.  Either make him unqualified to be a member of the county commission, let alone Congress.

Yes… Congress should hear from skeptics.  But for every skeptic he will parade thru the Senate, there should be at least 30 real scientists.  The “skeptics” are just deniers, and seek the publicity of being able to spew there lies before Congress.  A “lie” is something that is knowingly wrong.  If they are real scientists – NOT just degree holders – then they must accept that there is a high probably they are wrong.  So they are lying, or publicity and money seekers.  Nothing more.

As a true scientist, I try to ALWAYS be skeptical, and am willing to look at all the evidence.  The problem for deniers, if that they have none.  They have some cherry-picked data they have dug up.  But even that usually turns out to be a misinterpretation of the data.

Se. Inhofe has proved himself to be incapable of dealing with any real science.  This year, many Republicans have said, `I am not a scientist’.  So maybe they should start listening to scientist, and look at the consensus.


The idea that English is ever going to fade away because we have many peoples who speak many languages is just absurd.  English is not going to become any less popular.  And I see no point in people being required to learn English to stay here…

I live in the only majority, minority city in Oregon.  Most of our population are Hispanic, or Russian.  I find it interesting that ambulances have the “Ambulance” in English, Spanish, And Cyrillic.  Stores have signs in all 3.  It’s really cool!

And that makes me feel very much at home.  These people came her because they wanted to be in the US – why did you come to the US?  Born here?  You had it easy.  Let’s just welcome them, and be glad they are here.

I honestly feel bad that I do not know enough Spanish to get by.  I knew where I was moving.  It was never even a consideration.  I like the diversity – it is a celebration of being human.


I think I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer.  Though I feel bad about it being in Russia.  Autocratic nations should not hold the Olympics. 

Of course, I think there should be a permanent site for the Olympics.  Not all events would have to be in the same place… just at the same time.  All of the skating events could be almost anywhere – they are all indoor.

$51 Billion is too much to spend – it does appear as though most of that money went into Putin’s friend’s pockets.  No-one will ever figure out where most of it went…

Russian is a failed democracy.

Putin is a dictator no matter what elections have occurred.  The human rights situation there is a disgrace.  If we want to impose sanctions on countries… here would be a good place to start.


I have one of those fancy Logitech myHarmony remotes.  Sometimes it just does not work.  By that, I mean it does not broadcast a signal – I have a detector, so I know.  It only lasts a few minutes, and only seems to happen a couple of times a day (most days).

In September, I contacted Logitech.  They had me try all sorts of things to test it.  Each time it took about 2 weeks because communication was so slow.  Finally, they sent my a new one.

Same problem.  And they started me thru the same list of things to try.  Eventually, they wanted me to create a new account, and reprogram everything that I already had.  Sure…

That is when I said to forget it.  There is a flaw somewhere, and they don’t seem at all interested in finding it.  They sent me a nice email saying they were glad the case was resolved, and it would be closed.


I think for me: Once I am spending way more time trying things, than tech support is in looking into it, then it’s time to walk away. Don’t let the Bastards grind you down. vjs

It still does the same thing.


Vaccination is good.  It increases the strength of our immune system.  PERIOD.  This has been proved over and over for more than a hundred years.

One Faked study done in England started the bandwagon.  Even though the study has been totally discredited, people still believe it.  Other researchers tracked down many of the “participants” in that “study”, and found they did not have autism at all.  The study was fake.

The number of whooping cough cases has risen to more than 30 times as many, since just 1981.  <— awkward grammar.  This is because so many people have bought into the lie, and are not getting their children vaccinated.

Our nation is very ignorant about science.  Parents tell their kids it does not matter – just like math.  “I took algebra in school and have never used it.”  Right.  How do you think your brain determines if you have time to make that yellow light???  Math.

Get over it!

2 Blogs in a row with the same color!!!  Crap!!!


I saw the Coke commercial where they sing “America” in many different languages – I thought is was absolutely beautiful.  It made me proud to BE American!

This morning I was shocked to hear on CNN about the vitriol coming out against it.  There were death treats… and horribly bigoted comments all over the Internet.  That kind of Hatred has no place in America.

The people who went OFF on this commercial should leave our country as soon as possible.  They are the WORST element of our beautiful country, and I have very little tolerance for such horrid thoughts.

CNN Article.


Come on… We are all guilty of this sometimes.

I might be wrong (but I don’t think I am), but this happens a lot in society.  Just look at Social Media.   People seem to think it matters what the world thinks of them.

I was just a bit too honest, and open on Facebook myself.  I tend to get too easily connected with people, and they… fade away.  It’s not their fault.

Social media pushes us to be shallow.  We are ignored if we are not cheery in the right ways.  That is of course an exaggeration – many people do try.

Just don’t be too honest if you want to communicate with your friends.


The United States of America.

I see in the Washington Post today an article saying 47 states have more conservatives than liberals.  Bull.

Since the War on Liberals began with the Reagan administration, people have had a tendency to rate themselves as more conservative than they are.  Many, if not most liberals call themselves moderates.  There is a fear of being labeled a Liberal.

That’s why the term “progressive” had become more common – must avoid the hated “L” word.

You can’t judge by just asking people what they are.  Too many people hedge.  So how do you tell?  Look at where people stand on the issues.

Most Americans now support Gay-Marriage.  Now a majority even support legalized recreational marijuana.  The list goes on and on.  People are buying “green” products more… so even with our pocketbooks, we are becoming more liberal.  Not to mention that most Americans support higher taxes to pay down the debt.

Polls are very useful things – I have one that holds up my weather station.  But they can not tell use how people feel inside… only what they are willing to say about how they feel.


There are many who abuse those opportunities to get ahead, but that is not the topic of this Blog…

There are many people who follow the rules, and find a way to get ahead.  Some of them become quite wealthy in the process.  What a country!

But… their success comes at least partly because of the opportunities our country presents them.  Living in the USA has helped them to become successful, and wealthy.


To me that means they owe our country more than most people do.  Opportunities they gain from being here, have contributed to their success.  Now they need to repay some of that opportunity to our country.

Higher taxes are the best, and easiest way for them to give back.  Federal spending helps others gain opportunities as well.  They help pay back the American people for what they have gained.

Raise taxes on the wealthy.  Any income above $10mil a year should be taxed at 40% – no deductions.  They can give to charities if they wish to avoid the $10mil limit.  That gives back too.

The wealthy should pay back to our society for what they have been able to gain by being a part of it.


Nobody is going to buy more because they get twice as many “points” for each purchase on a credit card.

The commercials that depict people so happy about their “twice the points” that they want to spend more.

They are trying to encourage people to spend foolishly.  In this case, I think they have gone even too, too far.  Do they really think anyone will do that???  NO!  Of course they don’t!

So what do they want?

I think they want people to feel good about using this product… `We just want what’s best for you…’  Sure. 

I wish I could teach a Propaganda class… like the one I had as part of 9th grade English!!  Look for statements that mean nothing… More than what?  Faster than what?


This is really a simple issue.  If you want to “grow” the economy, there needs to be more money being spent on goods and services.  The rich are not going to spend more… but people barely getting by on minimum wage, are likely to spend pretty much all of any raise they get.  They can’t afford to save.

Raising the minimum wage will create more spending.  And this is spending that is not going to go away.  It is not a temporary solution – the wages these people get will continue to flow into the economy.

nuff said


We have had some cold weather across the US this winter.  And the good old boys at Fox “news” have pointed out that Global “Warming” (Climate Change) must not be real.  Please.

There are several points to make here – probably hundreds if I but tried.

1)  It is Winter!  Some people seem to forget that in the Winter, it gets cold.  Sometimes very cold.

2)  The US does not make up the entire World – contrary to what some people think.  In Australia, they are having record heat, and drought.

I do not want to spend too much time on this, because it has been settle.  There are Science Deniers who only care about there own little world.  So they watch “news” that confirms their beliefs while ignoring the Facts.

They can go on with their lies as long as they wish – they know if you say the same lies over and over, some people will believe it.

Turn of Fox, and turn on your brain.


I believe all hospitals should be either non-profit, or run by a public-private corporation.  I would not include private medical offices of course.

I have a fundamental problem with the concept of maximizing profit on the injuries, and illnesses of people.  Decisions should be based on the best care of individuals, not based on what is best for the stockholders.

Doctors and other health care providers would negotiate their contracts as they do now.

But health care needs to be about health care, not about profits.  Hospitals should be places that give back to the local community, not places that take from it.

Short and to the point.


So here we are… There is a group of radically right-wing Republicans who have decided they do not care about America, they only care about knocking down President Obama.  All they want to do is destroy what has already been accomplished.

They can just not stand for a Democrat to have the Presidency, and to actually do something to help Americans.  How dare the President try to help the average American working people.

I know there were Democrats who did much the same thing in the 60’s… they were way off the Liberal end.  I am too, but I understand that I am way out there – I’m a Socialist.  I know we have to compromise to get anywhere!

Wake up GOP!!  Get back to your real roots, and work with Democrats in Congress.


“The Affordable Care Act has been the law for three and a half years now,” President Obama said Monday. “It passed both houses of Congress. The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. It was an issue in last year’s election, and the candidate who called for repeal lost. The Republicans in the House have tried to repeal or sabotage it about 40 times. They failed every time. Meanwhile the law has already helped millions of Americans.”

All the republicans want to do is drag down everything the President has done.  They just was to destroy.

Crush… Kill… Destroy…


We all know the meanings of “pro” vs. “con”.  Like Progress, and Congress… opposites.

The republican party had long ago decided that since they have no new ideas of their own, their goal is to stop anything coming from the other side.  And they have enough power in Congress to do just that.

Right along with Fox “News”, all they care about is stopping President Obama from getting anything done.

The fight over ACC (Anthropomorphic Climate Change) is about to pick up again, and the GOP will once again display their disdain for the facts.  They want what they want, and to Hell with the country if that’s what it takes.

This pure obstructionism will continue until the voters throw out the Tea Baggers.  They want to take the country back to the 19th century.  If you want to know their plan, read a Dickens novel.


Originally posted on The Polar Zone:

(One of our favorite Hungarian meals…)

Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage “Toltott Kaposzta”

  • 1 lb. Chopped (I prefer ground), not chopped, beef and pork mixed
  • 1 Cup rice (washed)
  • 1 medium onion minced and sautéed in 1 Tablespoon lard, salt, pepper, paprika to taste
  • 1 small can sauerkraut
  • 1 medium can tomatoes or tomato purée (fresh tomatoes can be used)
  • 1 medium size head of cabbage

(serves a hearty portion for 4, can be doubled+ for more guests)

Core the head of cabbage and parboil it.  Mix pork/beef , rice and minced onions ingredients in bowl.  Take one cabbage leaf at a time, cut off heavy vein.  Fill leaf with about 2 tablespoons mixed ingredients (depends on size of rolls you want) and roll loosely.  Fold in one side of leaf as you roll and tuck in other with finger.

Put cabbage rolls in deep pot lined with sauerkraut.  Place in pot folded side down.  Pour on…

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Some business owners say their religious beliefs should take priority over the Health Care Law.  Ridiculous.

The main problem with this argument is that the US Constitution says they are wrong – the law can not allow special exceptions for particular religions.

If one business owner has the right to ignore Federal Law because of religious beliefs, then ANYONE can.  Any religious beliefs would earn you an exception.

Business could refuse to serve certain people – that has already happened in a case in Tri-Cities, Washington.  There a bakery refused to sell a wedding cake for a gay couple – even thought they had long been customers at the bakery.  So religion allows them to discriminate against whom ever they want?

“Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but just as religious objections to desegregation were not an excuse for racial discrimination, private businesses cannot use religion as an excuse to deny basic health care to the women who work for them,” said Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

A business owned by Scientologists could refuse to cover mental health care involving psychiatrists, or drugs.  Christian Scientists could ignore almost all health care requirements.  Some businesses could serve only white people.

Businesses have used this same argument to allow them to continue to discriminate against African Americans and many others.  Where do we draw the line?

If you are a business in our society, there are rules.  The rules do not say “Unless you don’t like it”.  There is no religious exemption.

Now… with our activist right wing Supreme Court, it is hard to tell how they will rule.  They have found ways to ignore precedence, and the actual words written in the Constitution… so it’s hard to say how this court would rule.

But it is clear that a ruling allowing this kind of discrimination would open the flood-gates to all sorts of crazy religious exception.  It would be unworkable.


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